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Welcome to the Destination Imagination® Resource WIKI -sponsored by DISC

DISC is the Destination ImagiNation Support Committee.

This website will close down soon. All information is
being relocated to the DISC website at
The mission of DISC is to support the goals of Destination ImagiNation® and its participants through scholarships and community building activities.

Our goal for this site is to provide Destination ImagiNation® teams and team managers with a comprehensive and up to date list of resources. You can begin by selecting the Resources link below.

It is not necessary to join this space to have access.
Membership in the WIKI is limited to those who are helping to maintain the site.

If you are interested in helping maintain this site, please contact Adam Kendall.

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Select a link

  • Resources- List of resources for Team Managers broken into categories

  • Team Solution Videos - Watch You Tube videos of team solutions to past team challenges

  • DI Challenge History - A History of Destination Imagination Challenges.

  • Just for Fun - You never know where inspiration will come from. Fun things to watch and investigate.

You can also navigate by selecting the links in the left column. Hint: While navigating the pages use the "open in new tab" or "open in new window" feature that is available in most browsers. For PC users, simply right click on the link and select "Open Link in New Tab/Window". These leaves the current window open and opens a new window/tab. When you have finished checking out a link, just close the window/tab.

We need your help in order to keep this site as up to date as possible. If you come across a link that is not correct then please contact the person listed as maintaining the page and/or send an email to Adam Kendall and point us to where you found the problem.

Join the DINI group

The DINI group is an email group resource for the global community of Destination ImagiNation team managers, team members and other participants and supporters. The primary purpose of the list is for sharing DI experiences, questions and anecdotes. Team members participate on this list, so please avoid any Interference. See the Rules of the Road for guidelines and definitions. Please use the official clarification process for all Challenge-specific questions.

Click here to join dini
Click here to join dini

Joining the group gives you access to files that are uploaded to the files section of the group. If you only wish to subscribe to the email list you may subscribe by sending a blank email to If you subscribe via email you will not have access to files and photos posted by users.

DISC currently has responsibility for the following activities:

  • Destination ImagiNation Scholarships® - this includes: development of scholarship criteria; receipt and review of scholarship applications; awarding of scholarships; fund raising for scholarship funds
  • Team Managers and Officials Competition for Global Finals - writing the TM&O and running the event at Global Finals
  • Managing and Moderating the DINI list - a resource list for Destination ImagiNation team managers, team members and other participants and supporters.
  • Maintaining this DI Resource WIKI Page

If you are interested in joining the Support Committee, please contact the DISC Committee Chair.

Charles Compton
DISC Chairman

All links and information are provided as a convenience for Destination ImagiNation® Teams, Team Managers and Supporters. Neither DISC nor Destination Imagination Inc. endorse or have control of pages outside of this site. Given the nature of the internet it is possible for children to end up just about anywhere. Parents and Team Managers should adequately supervise their teams and/or childrens use of the Internet. Browse and Search responsibly.

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