DISC Instant Instant Challenge Generator

Beta Version .8

Have you ran through every Instant Challenge you have with your team? In a bind and need an IC right now? Then you need the DISC Instant Instant Challenge Generator. The DISC Instant Instant Challenge Generator will give you a framework for quickly creating a Task Based or Performance Based Instant Challenge.

Now we can only do just so much work for you- so you still have to fill in some blanks:
When you select the "DISC IC Generator " button below a new window will open up. There are only 3 selections to make at this time.
Hopefully, future versions will offer more options.

Select type of Instant Challenge: Either Task Based or Performance Based
Number of Materials (Consumables): Enter a number between 3 and 9
Number of Materials that may not be damaged/ or changed: Enter a number between 0 and 4

Once you have made the selections click the "Create" Button. The generator will "do it's thing" and then another window will pop up.

At this point you can select the PRINT button and a print dialogue box will open up for you to print the IC. We left room so that you can just print it out and write in additional instructions. At the present there is no "easy" way to copy the outline IC to the clipboard. You can, however, highlight everything and then press CNTRL-C to copy the text to the clipboard. Then open your word processor and paste the IC into a new document and edit it to your satisfaction.

Reminders: We can't always get the correct grammar of the IC that is created. You may have to modify it to make sense. Some of the combinations created just may not work. If they do not and you don't think you can modify what is there into a usable IC, just EXIT the print window and try again.

You will have to come up with your own Title, Scene, Procedures, quantity of materials and scoring. We were unable to easily match materials with tools that teams might use so add what tools you think appropriate (yard stick, scissors, markers, etc.)

When you are done select the EXIT button to exit the Generator.

Note: Unfortunately, this does not work in AOL. You may also have to disable your popup blocker to get it to operate.

DISC Instant IC Generator

Future Enhancements may include:

  • Addition of a couple of sample scenes or locations to get you further down the road in creating the IC
  • Being able to edit the IC text text before printing it out.
  • Facilitating the copy of the IC for pasting into a Word Processor.

Have additional ideas? Are you are fluent in PHP and would like to assist with this project? Contact discwebmaster@idodi.org

Special Thanks to Glenn at Marathon Technology, Inc. for hosting this application.

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