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This is a list of websites that provide instructions on a wide variety of subjects. These sites are always a good place to start searching for information on how to accomplish some specific task. They are also fun to just browse and find inspiration. Please exercise caution. Some of the instructions are for potentially dangerous projects.


  • eHow - "How To Do Just About Everything" - This is a place to go if you are looking for instructions on how to do something. It covers some technical subjects as well as a variety of personal subjects such as health, gardening, computers, careers, pets, sports and travel.
  • Make - This is the website for the magazine MAKE. It is "A magazine dedicated to DIY technology projects". You can browse the site to see a sample of projects that are covered but full access to the archive of projects requires a paid subscription. There are also videos explaining some of the projects.
  • You Tube - You Tube is a site for uploading and sharing videos. The Team Challenge Solution Videos in this WIKI are hosted at You Tube. If you have questions about a particular project you can search You Tube. It is possible that someone has recorded a video explaining how to accomplish what you are wanting to accomplish.
  • Instructables- Describes itself as "The World's Biggest Show and Tell". Includes Step by step "How To" and "DIY" instructions on a variety of topics - arts, crafts, clothing, food, technical, etc.
  • Make Stuff - The website "For crafter's, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and PEOPLE WHO JUST LIKE TO MAKE STUF"

Web Search Engines - Doing your own research

Web search engine has it's own strengths and weaknesses. You should use several search engines to try and find what you are looking for.

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