Synopsis of 2001 Destination Imagination Challenges

Challenge A: Incredible Tech Effects

Teams will:
  • Research technology of Special Effects
  • Create an original tale
  • Design and Incorporte 4 special effects

Challenge B: Mystery Loves Company

Teams will:
  • Craft a mystery story
  • Create a communication device
  • Conduct a scientific experiment

Challenge C: Anonymously Yours

Teams will:
  • Select an anonymous work of art
  • Research the culture and time period
  • Create a performance that tells the story of "Anonymous", the artwork & the culture
  • Develop a technical element (using technology appropriate in that time period)

Challenge D: DInamic Improv

Teams will:
  • Research famous innovators, cultural performers and important landmarks
  • During a 1 hour time in a StuDIo create an original 6 minute improv performance from randomly selected topics the team has researched.

Challenge E: Triplicity

Teams will:
  • Create a 3-part weight-bearing structure constructed from balsa wood, paper, glue
  • Tell a story of a journey
  • Design/build 3 separate travel containers

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